Beauty and the Beast Final Rehearsals and performance 5/20-6/3

Upcoming Run Throughs, Dress Rehearsals and Call Times for Performances


In Studio Dress

May 20, 2017  Sat

1:00 pm Company, Corps Fairies, Handmaids

1:15 pm Warm Up Company, Corps, Fairies, Handmaids,

Butterfly, Bats, Birds, Matrons, Get changed hair and makeup

1:45-2:00 pm Company, Corps, Fairies, Handmaids Change

2:15 pm Prologue, Act 1

3:00 pm Intermission 15 min

3:15 pm Act 2

4:00 pm notes

5:00 pm end

These times are approximate, and rehearsal could go over to 6:00pm depending on how many pieces need to be repeated.


May 23, 25, and 30 Run through Company, Corps, Fairies and Handmaids

6:30 pm warm up and rehearsal until 9:15pm


May 30, 2017 Tues Possible Run Through

All cast possible run through, times TBD, in the evening.


June 1, 2017 Thursday All cast Run Through

6-6:30 pm warm up

6:15 pm call for Butterfly, Bats, Birds and matrons

6:30-8 pm Run





June 2, 2017 Friday Dress Rehearsal at the Theater

4:30 pm Everyone except Butterfly, Bats, Birds

5:00 pm Butterfly, Bats, Birds

6:00 pm Warm up

6:30 pm Start Dress Rehearsal

8:30 pm Pick up for Butterfly, Bats, Birds

9:00 pm End


June 3, 2017 Saturday


Theater opens at noon

12:00 pm Company, Corps, Fairies, Handmaids call

1:00 pm Matrons Call

1:30 pm Call for Butterfly, Bats, Birds

Performance 2:30 pm



5:30 pm Company, Corps, Fairies, Handmaids, Matrons Call

6:00 pm Call for Butterfly, Bats, Birds

Performance 7:00 pm